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Strands of Hope

A personal campaign sponsored by Tiffany Hwang

July 5, 2020

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Strands of Hope Campaign

A senior in Dallas, Texas, Tiffany is committed to giving a gift of confidence to children all over the nation who have also suffered from various conditions such as cancer, burns, and Alopecia, leading to hair loss. Experiencing Alopecia herself in her junior year of high school, Tiffany was fortunate enough to have the support of her family to be able to purchase a wig, but many others don't. This is Tiffany's way of giving back, having the desire to help others, knowing exactly how they are feeling.


  • Raise at least $3600 to be able to make at least 2 hairpieces.
  • Collect over 30 Hair Donations to be able to make at least 1 hairpiece.
  • Give a gift of confidence.