A Penny Shaved

A personal campaign sponsored by Mary Fontana

July 1, 2020

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Wigs For Kids

A penny shaved is a penny earned!

I want to chop off all my hair and donate it to Wigs For Kids. It costs $1800 for one hair replacement system. So, as an attempt to offset some of that cost, I wanted to start this fundraiser.

Once all the money is raised, I will cut off all of my hair at the scalp. A child is going to receive a gorgeous head of curly brown hair (hopefully they sort through the "wisdom glitters"), and I will be bald.

While hair can seem unimportant or inessential, it can be an extreme confidence booster to a child who can't grow their own. Most of the children who receive a wig are in the middle of a health crisis and shouldn't have to worry about how they look. As for myself, I don't need hair to feel comfortable in my own skin, so I would much rather use these locks to spark joy in a child's life.

Please consider donating to this great cause! I hope to cut it all off on July 1, 2020. Let me know if you want to join!