Let's Change a Life Together

A personal campaign sponsored by Jeffrey Lucas

December 31, 2019

Support Me

Over the course of my life I've always had extremely short hair. As I approached my mid 30s, my wife and I agreed it would be fun to grow my hair out for the first time in my life. The agreement was to ensure we did some good once the hair was fully grown. My hair is now approximately 16" long and we are so excited to give back to a child in need. 

We're so pumped to make a difference by donating my hair. In addition to the hair, my wife and I want to make a financial contribution to Wigs-for-Kids. During conversations with friends, I was told in more than one occasion that they "would pay to see the hair come off”. This got our wheels spinning and thought that maybe we’d tap into your generosity and take you up on it to see how much money we can raise together. My wife and I will match your donation up to $500. To anyone who helps us raise funds for Wigs for Kids we will share a video of the hair cutting process: before, during and after! 

Please join us in this great cause and support Wigs-for-Kids.  

Thank you for considering donating to our fundraising efforts.