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April 17, 2019

Support Me

My name is Sean Leamy, I am a senior at Sonora High School.  For my senior project I am running a Cut-a-Thon for the organization Wigs For Kids on April 17, 2019 starting at 7:30am.  I need the help of the Sonora High School community to make this a successful Hair-raiser.  The Sonora High IT department, known for their long hair, have committed to donating providing a name for the event.

The Sonora High School Cosmetology program has offered to give all people donating their hair on April 17 a complimentary cut in the Sonora High School quad.

If you don’t have the hair to spare, you can still help out.  Wigs for Kids needs monetary help as well.  The cost for a single hair replacement system is $1,800, it is my hope to raise that money to help one child have a quality custom wig.  Wigs for Kids does not charge families in need, and rely completely on donations to cover the cost.  For more information about Wigs For Kids please visit  More information about my project is available at