Adalie Grace's Big Heart - 6th Bday

A personal campaign sponsored by Adalie Smith

March 16, 2019

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GROW YOUR HAIR TO GIVE- Adalie Grace 6th Bday - March 16th

When Adalie Grace told me 2 years ago she was going to grow her hair out to donate to a child who needed hair... I thought the idea would come and go.  Her persistence and passion about this beautiful mission has surpassed my expectations and quite frankly surprised me.  She will wake up on her 6th birthday – per her desires – to have her hair harvested to help another .  She will cut  a minimum of 12” from an affiliate/ambassador salon.  The closest one is in Dallas, TX. They are trained to get the most out of a cut for the future wig. She will have very very short hair which has been a concern as a mother.  I was hoping she might wait a few months.  How superficial right?  This has not even phased her.  She says it will grow back, and she can do it again to help another child.   When asked are you sure you want to do this?  She says,

“I would like to help a child who needs hair when they do not have any.   I can be God’s helper and share love and kindness.  If I did not have hair I would hope someone would help me."

I can only say I love you and I support you sweet little one.  So here I am trying to wrap our community, friends, and family around my giant hearted child.  

She chose Wigs for Kids for several reasons – but two big ones in particular.  1.  Adalie Grace wanted her hair specifically to go to a child.  2. Wigs for Kids is a completely not for profit company.  Unlike other hair donation programs in this field, they never charge the family for hairpieces and rely completely on donations from generous companies, foundations, groups and more specifically individuals like you.

Knowing Wigs for Kids can only do the amazing work they do with monetary donations, I am asking for you to help reach the $1800 goal of sponsoring one child - the cost of a full hair replacement system.  Adalie Grace has done the hard work of growing her hair and selflessly wanting to give.  Now, let us help support her and the child that will receive her hair by making the circle complete.  I want her to know that her community, friends, family, school, and church are there to help.  Please donate. Any amount will be fully appreciated and bring a dream come true. I am attaching a few links of interest but I encourage you to learn more about this wonderful program.