Bingo Day to Benefit Wigs for Kids

A personal campaign sponsored by Sheila Gravagna

April 21, 2018

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Wigs For Kids

Taylor started losing her hair back in the spring of 2017, she decided to stop fighting covering the bald spots in August and decided to rock the "Bald is Beautiful" look!  And she DID rock it!!  During the fall of 2017  her hair started to grow back an an amazing rate! It was nice and full and growing quickly, however that all changed in December when she noticed more spots...and they were appearing very quickly - so again, she decided it was time to rock that "Bald is Beautiful" look!  

After a family vacation to Florida, where she was out of the comfort zone of her normal life where everyone knew her and knew what she was going through, we noticed quite a change in her confidence.  It was at this time that I (mommy) decided to really look into getting her a wig so she didn't have to deal with the stares or multiple questions.  We have both donated to Wigs for Kids in the past, but we didn't know how the actual process actually worked, so I did some research.  

The amazing people that work at Wigs for Kids really helped get the process rolling and made it so very easy!  The amazing thing about Wigs for Kids, is they don't charge the family anything!! I was absolutely amazed by this and our family really wanted to do something to raise money for this amazing organization!! 

We were at dinner one night at one of our favorite locally owned restaurants, and the owner Shane Miller, who has ALWAYS stopped and talked to our family and just made us feel totally welcome in his restaurant asked if we would like to host a Bingo Day to support the wig company that was so graciously making Taylor a wig.  Of course we said YES!! So here we are...



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