Tortoise and the Hair

A personal campaign sponsored by Marie Quaresima

February 28, 2018

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Why Tortoise?

Well, I never considered myself a runner. Now that I have done my 1st marathon I feel a little more confortable relating to the the term, however...I'm as slow as a Tortoise in peanut butter!


Wigs for Kids DOES NOT charge individuals in need of a wig, therefore they depend on donations. Please consider helping me raise enough money for a few wigs! ONE wig costs a staggering $1800 to make!

There are several young people in my life that have dealt with diseases and disorders that result in hair loss. This can be devestating both to them and their families on top of other stresses. Lets help alleviate some of that incredible burden!

I'm reaching out to my family and friends to ask to donate .

IN ADDITION: All money I receive from craft projects during this time will be directly donated. Please keep me in mind for your upcoming holidays! I will fill requests as quickly as I can!


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