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2024 - Create a Personal Fundraiser




We are singing with joy for your support. it is because of you we can continue to help children to feel beautiful both inside and out! 
Thank you!


Create a Personal Campaign – Make an Impact on a Child’s Life

Thank you for your interest in developing a fundraiser for Wigs for Kids!  Our work depends on the generosity and support of individuals such as yourself.  You can make a tremendous impact on the lives of the children and teens we serve with your fundraising efforts.

Follow these easy steps to your fundraising success!
  • Create your personal fundraising page
  • Set your goal (keep in mind the average cost of a wig is $1,800)
  • Share your story
Here are some ideas:
  • Tell people why you have chosen to fundraise for Wigs for Kids
  • Are you donating your hair (have you in the past) to Wigs for Kids
  • Have you personally experienced hair loss or do you know someone who has – share your story is important
  • If you are donating your hair, share picture(s) of before and after; the current length of your hair; getting your ponytails cut; holding your ponytails
  • ​Promote, promote, promote!
    Use social media to share your fundraising efforts, be sure to provide the link to your personal fundraising page.
    • Send emails to your network
    • Create a flyer with your fundraising information and distribute
  • Provide updates
    • Be sure to share your success and how close you are to reaching your goal
    • Thank individuals for donating to your fundraiser
    • Share when you have reached or surpassed your goal

We are here to help.  If you need additional information about Wigs for Kids, how to fundraise, and the children we serve, please contact or call 440-333-4433.

Thank you for your support!  

You are making a tremendous impact on the lives of children & teens.








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