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Cole Rocks with Wigs for Kids!

A personal campaign sponsored by Cole Buero

December 20, 2022

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Wigs For Kids

I am Cole.  I am an 11 soon to be 12-year-old guitarist and classical bassist.  I started playing guitar when I was 2 years old and now attend the School of the Arts for classical bass.  Music is my passion and I hope to make a career out of it someday.

About 5 years ago our family lost a dear friend to cancer.  Mr. Tim was my dad's childhood friend and he used to teach me big words.  Like "defenestrate."  It is a word.  Look it up!  Not long after Mr. Tim passed away, I saw a kid with no hair.  I thought that the kid must have been sick and it caused him to lose his hair.  I had also heard that my cousin Angelina had cut her hair and donated it.  That is when I told my parents that I wanted to grow my hair and donate it to help a kid that may need it.  

It has been over 4 years now that I have been growing it.  Being a young musician, I have enjoyed having my long hair.  My hair has been on Broadway in Nashville playing guitar while busking for tips.  My hair has played with a "Rockabilly" band and the "Bucket Drummer" on Beale Street in Memphis.  My hair has been to Graceland, The Crossroads and the grave of the "Father of the Blues" Robert Johnson and even backstage with KISS.  It is now time for someone else to enjoy it.

I am asking those that have followed my musical journey to help me help others by donating to Wigs for Kids.  So, if you have enjoyed hearing me play, from near or far, please donate to Wigs for Kids and help me give a rockin' gift to a rockin' kid!  

I truly hope that my hair along with your donations brings as much joy and instills as much confidence to a deserving kid as it has me.



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