Giving Grace

A personal campaign sponsored by Grace Head

February 14, 2020

Support Me

I set a goal about half way through 2019 that I wanted to donate my hair!

I, like so many, cannot give much, but I can certainly give something that would have been cut off either way!  Wigs For Kids has created such a wonderful organization in which families affected by hair loss for so many different reasons are never charged.  I am hoping that through these efforts I can help raise funds to offset the cost for Wigs for Kids to use my hair to provide a wig for a child in need!  

Being a mom of two vivacious children, I am reminded everyday not to take their health for granted.  At any point, an innocent and undeserving child can be affected greatly by illnesses and not looking like other "normal" children should not be a concern they have.  

I am asking friends, family, neighbors and so on to make a donation of any amount.  My goal is to donate a minimum of 10 inches and I will be making the cut by/on February 15th, if by that time I can do more, I certainly will.   Ideally, if I were to have someone donate $5 per inch, this contribution would be around $50.  To give you an idea, the cost to create one of these wigs is about $1,800 and it takes between 20-30 ponytails.  That is a lot of hair and a lot of money, but every bit helps!  

Thank you for your support and kindness.  Keep in mind that no matter the amount donated, it is helping to make a child feel beautiful!