Kevin's 40th Birthday Haircut4Kids

A personal campaign sponsored by Kevin Vest

September 8, 2019

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Wigs For Kids

Five years ago, I started on a hair-raising adventure, well more of a hair -growing- adventure I suppose. Five years of growing my hair out so that on my 40th birthday I could cut it all off and donate it to

Now with only a month to go the bittersweet countdown begins. I estimate to have 20+ inches of hair to donate to Wigs For Kids. My hair will be delivered to a wig designer so that they may work their magic in creating a custom masterpiece for a young soul that need not be concerned with such things as self-image.

It takes about 150,000 strands of hand-tied natural hair secured onto a foundation that is an actual mold from the recipient’s head which provides a snug fit, aptly suited for a child’s active lifestyle.

Kassandra at located in Vacaville, CA will be doing the deed of measuring out properly sized pony tails before cutting and packaging the tightly secured sections of hair for donation. Ask for/request her next time you are ready for a new style, and let her know you saw this post/press release.

These are just a few of the links needed to ultimately connect one person’s good intention to that of a well deserving individual. As you can see there is much involved and required to make this happen. Wigs For Kids estimates a cost of $1800.00 for each hairpiece creation AFTER the hair is donated. I am looking to raise a full $1800 to send along with my hair donation so that all the fees are covered for this custom prosthesis.