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A personal campaign sponsored by Damian Garcia

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Wigs For Kids

Damian decided to start growing out his hair at 5 years old. We were watching T.V. when a commercial came on that had children with no hair due to illness. After many questions, he finally asked how he could help and thus his journey began. I thought it would be a phase or he would forget about it, especially when the teasing started, but true to his word he stuck it through. Here we are 4 years later ready to accomplish his goal.

We chose Wigs for Kids because Damian wanted his hair to go to a child. Also, Wigs for Kids is a private, non-profit organization. They never charge the family for the Hair Replacement Systems and rely completely on donations from generous individuals like yourselves. 

Wigs for Kids can only provide their amazing services through donations and thus we are asking you to help us reach the $1,800 goal. This is the cost of a full hair replacement system. Any amount will be fully appreciated and help 2 dreams become true, Damian's and that of the child receiving the system.

Thank you all for your support!