Violet is Getting a Hair Cut for Wigs for Kids!

A personal campaign sponsored by Laura Eaton

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Wigs For Kids

  • Violet has decided to get her hair cut this summer and donate it to Wigs for Kids!
  • It was getting really long and we asked her if she wanted to donate it.  At first she wasn't sure about it, but then she heard about the Wigs for Kids program and she decided she wanted to be a part of it.
  • "I thought the program was really cool because my hair can go to another kid who doesn't have hair!"
  • We found out it not only takes hair donations from 4-5 people to make each wig, but it also costs $1800 to make each wig.  The best thing is that the child who gets the wig doesn't have to pay for it because of donations from people like you!
  • My goal is to raise $1800 to cover the cost of 1 wig! 
  • This video is really neat and shows how the wigs are made.