Jimmy the Intern Donates His Hair

A personal campaign sponsored by James Stratton

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 I have been growing my hair out for 2 years and I love having it but , I want to donate it to Wigs For Kids because they need more it than I do. I have donated my hair before in memory of my Grandma Toni, and this time I also want to raise $1800 for Wigs For Kids so that way the wig is already paid in full for the kid getting it. I have the hair, you guys have the money, if we get to the $1800 great! More than that amazing! It is going to a great cause Wigs For Kids gives these wigs at no cost to the child and their family so this is an amazing cause. This really will make a kid's day so please from the bottom of my heart donate to this fund once we hit the $1800 dollars I will cut my hair off and send it to Wigs For Kids. Thank you all and a special thanks to 105.5 Vintage Radio for helping me promote this fundraiser.


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