Mike Forgie Is Donating His Hair And Needs Your Help

A personal campaign sponsored by Michael Forgie

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Think back to your very early formative years. Could you imagine being bald after going through cancer treatment? 

Man, that is rough. Elementary school wasn't even really brutal for anyone who looked different when compared to middle or high school. Right now, some kid just went through hell and wants a sense of normalcy by having hair. I very, very much want to help one of these children, so I'm donating my hair, again.

For the last 2+ years I have maintained my mane so a child could benefit from it. Sure, it looks sweet on me, but could you imagine a munchkin with my hair?! 

Now here is where you come in. If I raise $1800, that is enough money to make the wig for a child who needs one. I did the hard part growing the hair, becoming attached to it (physically and emotionally) and I'm willing to let it go. All I am asking is for you to let go of a few dollars. Believe me, you won't miss them all too much. Actually, I bet letting them go will make you even happier   

So, please, donate what you can. Make life a little better for someone who has gone through more in his/her early life than we could imagine.


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