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March 1, 2018

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My name is Maybelline Yurco and I have always been very blessed with long beautiful healthy curly hair. I have always kept it short since it was more convenient for working in a pool setting as a Swim Instructor. 

In December 2015 I decided to let my hair grow out as a change. I did some research on hair donation places since I had not dyed my hair in over 6 years. I found Wigs for Kids and based on their history, testimonials, and stories of recipients of hair donated. My eyes were opened to a fantastic opportunity I had not thought of before, "Why don't I just donate my hair?!?!?" My hair and nails grow faster than average and it would be a wonderful opportunity for me to help someone receive a wish: a wig just for them. It made me feel so bad about all the hair I had thrown out before, and how many little girls wish they could have it. So I decided from that moment to let my hair grow, take great care of it, trim it every 2 months, not get it wet as often in the pool, and just love it. I knew that the end result would be a lot of inches going towards making a beautiful wig for someone very special.

I have been so lucky to have a business, a family, friends, fast growing hair, but primarily my health. It was the least I could do for someone who is going through a rough time. I encourage and ask if you could please donate to my cause. There are kids who their sole wish on their birthday is to get hair. To feel like a child again, to not feel judged or bullied. All they want is to feel like themselves. Whatever you can donate, whether it's $1 or $20 or more, please find it in your heart to donate whatever your budget allows and please share and tell people so they can help as well!

Thank you so much for taking your time to read and donate as well!


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