Mason's Mission

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Wigs For KidHello my name is Mason Dunn. I am 9 years old. Currently going into 4th grade. 2 1/2 years ago I decided I wanted to help someone in need. I've always had long hair. Everyone knew me by my hair. They would always tell me how pretty it was. It was also my security blanket. I was made fun off when I shaved my head in preschool. Ever since then I wanted longer hair. Watching my mom lose lots of her hair from medications over my life. I realized their are people out there who don't have hair. Whether they have a autoimmune difficency or going through chemo treatments. And I have all this hair. So I decided to grow it out and donate it. But I didn't want to stop there. I wanted to sponsor a child so they wouldn't have to buy a complete hair replacement system. So once I raise the $1,800. I am going to cut all my hair off. Right now I have 18 inches of blonde hair. My mom and I take good care of it so someone will be very happy. Please help me reach my goal. Or go onto and make a donation. Or find out how you can help. Thank you for supporting me on my mission. Being called a girl for the last 3 years has been worth it. I know I am doing something good that will help someone change someone's life.

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